Gain profit from the renewables
We make transfers to renewable energy commercially rewarding
Get your right energy solution
Make use of our competence
Lets make your facilities more energy efficient
Turnkey solutions and maintenance in power engineering and renewables
EnerBoost solutions
• No tariff dependence
• Reduced peak load power costs
• No blackouts
• Higher capacity of charging systems
• Minimized total cost of ownership
• Reduced energy costs
• Higher energy efficiency
• Higher system resilience
Stability of generation
• Use of renewable energy up to 100%
• Stability of generation
• Black-start capacity
• Load shifting
• Grid stabilization
• No power shortfalls
• Reduced energy costs
• Higher energy efficiency
• Energy system resiliency
• Truck exploitation costs reduction by 25-40%
• Increased driving speed
• New opportunities for energy system development, deployment of charging stations and transport infrastructure
• Green public and municipal service transport
• Green repair and construction works
• Independence from power quality in mains
• Less problems and losses in a blackout
• No tariff dependence
• Reduced energy costs
• No blackouts
Transmission & distrbution
EV fast charging
Power Plant
What we do
Complete study of your energy consumption and costs structure and specific suggestions on how to boost your energy efficiency
Energy assets modelling and analysis
Renewables and energy storage integration, from the feasibility studies to detailed structural and electrical schemes with time and cost estimates
System design and engineering
Delivering high quality parts at lower prices from the manufacturers to the construction site and all the neccessary on-site preparations
We provide installation of equipment and connection to the infrastructure, all necessary on-site works, standards-based assessment of the system
Turnkey installation
Regular service works and performance analysis according to the warranty and preventative maintenance plan
After-sales maintenance
Getting maximum from your energy system based on the analysis of energy price variations, regional and local energy rates, as well as new regulations
Energy value stream optimisation
We are professionals in the development of energy-efficient solutions, rational energy consumption and tariffication plans based on system analysis and feasibility studies
Who we are
We are a team of developers, builders and operation specialists in electricity generation from the renewable sources
We have extensive experience in the turnkey deployment of energy supply solutions for industrial consumers, communities, and transport including the use of renewable energy sources
We develop low- and high-voltage batteries and energy storage systems for many applications including transport, traditional generation, and renewable energy
Make use of our competence: turnkey solutions and maintenance in power engineering, renewables and e-mobility
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