We provide renewable integration and microgrids solutions
RES + ESS beats standalone generation economics
  • (56) 20’HC Battery containers
Check renewable integration opportunities: a frequency regulation calculated case
Renewable integration with diesel microgrid. Pv-Diesel-Hybrid optimisations
  • Low system efficiency
  • Instability of renewable generation
  • Inefficient use of diesel/turbine, high level of CO2
  • Possibility of ensuring high levels of replacement of traditional generation with generation from renewable energy sources
  • Support for stable operation and extension of the motor resource of gas turbine units and diesel generators as part of an autonomous power plant
  • Environment improvement
  • (12) PCS Stations
  • Rated Discharge Duration – 2Hrs
Proposing to package the BESS using
  • Rated Power 80,6 MW
  • Nominal Installed Capacity (Energy) – 131 MWh
What we do
Battery Energy Storage integration PV and wind generation covers a range of works from the feasibility studies to detailed structural and electrical schemes with time and investment cost estimates.
System Design & Engineering
Delivering high quality parts at lower prices from the manufacturers to the construction site and all the necessary on-site preparations.
We provide installation of equipment and connection to the infrastructure, all necessary on-site works, standards-based assessment of the system.
Turnkey system assemble and set up
Regular service works and performance analysis according to the warranty and preventative maintenance plan.
After-Sales Maintenance
Make use of our competence: turnkey solutions and maintenance in power engineering, renewables and e-mobility
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