We provide best solutions for power stations
Stability of generation
Is it possible to boost existing power plants?
Black-start capacity
The customer saves on diesel maintenance costs, saves time and improves reliability, helping you increase your revenue.
Power plants use diesel generators to run turbines. Due to its fast response, the energy storage system can be used as an alternative to a black start diesel generator.
In this way, batteries support decarburization by replacing CO2-emitting diesel engines.
Firm frequency response
Given the rising price of frequency contracts, operators can earn significant revenue from a firm frequency response (FFR) service.
Regulation capability using a battery energy storage system (BESS) is significantly faster (< 1 s) than what can be achieved with a fossil fuel power plant.
Power plant operators can create additional business opportunities by offering greater flexibility in regulation.
Container Energy Storage System
9 set
Install battery rack no per container
Install energy per container
Maximum power
Nominal voltage
1008VDC ~ 1296VDC
Operating voltage range
1C (2250A)
Allowed charge
1C (2250A)
Allowed discharge
-40℃ ~ 60℃
Operation temperature
10℃ ~ 30℃
Storage temperature
About 31ton
F90 fire retard
Fire protection system
Inside the container
DC combiner cabinet
HVAC, air-cooling
Thermal management system
What we do
Battery Energy Storage integration PV and wind generation covers a range of works from the feasibility studies to detailed structural and electrical schemes with time and investment cost estimates.
System Design & Engineering
Delivering high quality parts at lower prices from the manufacturers to the construction site and all the necessary on-site preparations.
We provide installation of equipment and connection to the infrastructure, all necessary on-site works, standards-based assessment of the system.
Turnkey system assemble and set up
Regular service works and performance analysis according to the warranty and preventative maintenance plan.
After-Sales Maintenance
Make use of our competence: turnkey solutions and maintenance in power engineering, renewables and e-mobility
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