How to make fast electric vehicle charging available
EV fast charging
Although direct-current fast-charging (DCFC) stations with 150 kilowatts of power can fill up a BEV sedan in about 30 min, they can cost up to $150,000 to install.
Energy Storage Systems cut the costs of a charging station by 70%
Energy Storage Systems can help stations to balance the load and significantly reduce demand charge. It allows stations to break much faster.
The kilowatt number refers to the maximum amount of energy that can be drawn every hour; a higher kilowatt delivers more electricity faster.
DCFC stations are also expensive to run.
Compare results after EV fast charging support system installation
Before installation
  • There is no possibility of expanding grid infrastructure at the site of FC installation
  • Long-term plans for the development of networks
  • The need for an expensive procedure "opening a closed power supply center" at the level of 110/35/10 kV
After installation
  • Ability to deploy charging stations anywhere without being confined by grid connectivity or infrastructure upgrades to reach all customers
  • Energy management systems for minimizing high demand charges and total cost of ownership
There may be several factors that make the energy systems unstable and at the same time these threats can be resolved by increasing of the fast charging availability.
What problems can be solved by increasing of the EV fast charging availability?
  • Multiple charging points need to be installed
  • Need to install high power fast charging station
  • Sharply/variable load
Low power of technological connection of the facility
  • There is no possibility of expanding Grid infrastructure at the site of FC installation
  • Long-term plans for the development of networks
  • The need for an expensive procedure "opening a closed power supply center" at the level of 110/35/10 kV
Grid infrastructure expansion challenges
  • Blackout is the cause of the rupture of the technological process and long-term equipment failure
Blackout in power grids
  • Investments in modernization of power grid
  • Growth in electricity tariffs
  • High power cost during peak hours
  • Financial costs due to blackout
Economic aspects
Power, kW
All-in-One Energy Storage System
Energy, kWh
Cycle life, cycles
  • Modular structure, flexible configuration of system capacity
High power, high energy
  • IP55 protection level
  • Dustproof, waterproof and corrosion-proof
  • Intelligent fire fighting system, automatic fire extinguishing
  • Constant temperature design in a warehouse, the battery works in the best temperature environment
  • Fuse
  • Breaker
  • Contactor (controlled by Rack BMS)
  • Rack Stop Switch
  • Enclosure+ Fire Protection
5 levels protection system includes
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