We provide the new profitable energy model to commercial and industrial consumers
Cost reduction
Energy efficiency
Traditional energy system enterprises can be changed
The traditional economic model of enterprises (manufacturing, retail, social) where users paid to large companies generating and supplying electricity, can now be changed by rational investments in solar or wind generation and energy storage. As a result, the costs of an enterprise reduce by up to 50%, and even the model where an enterprise earns on electricity generation can be implemented.
Energy efficiency of enterprises includes
  • Power peak shaving,
  • Optimization of energy losses by wires and transformers etc,
  • Self-consumption optimisation.
Mains voltage fluctuations, poor power quality impair equipment, data lines, transformers, compensators and all the other grid components, and in the worst case, cause their failure.
Can be solved by energy storage solutions:
  • Costs due to operation processes shutdown during blackouts,
  • Limited development opportunities due to the remoteness of power supply centers.
New energy efficiency model
You can set up solar generation in your facility’s territory. You can use roofs, may be you can have additional territory for PV station.
Our aim is to find way to generate electricity with power at least as much as your facility’s maximum consumption. In this way you can stop use external energy completely.
But we do not have solar 24 hours 7 days. That’s why it is reasonable to store cheap your own generated energy and use it when external energy cost is most expensive.
Our C&I new energy model includes SMART photovoltaic generation and battery energy storage system
• when external energy cost is expensive
We can charge Battery Energy Storage System by most cheap cost. It is either PV generate electricity or electricity from external power grid by most cheap tariff (generally it is night tariff).
We can adjust external power consumption by using BESS during period of power pick of our facility consumption.
Battery Energy Storage System installation gives us option to have cheap energy
• in case of blackout
Compare implementation results of renewable generation and energy storage
• Suboptimal energy price
• Tariff dependence
• Load power costs
• Dependence on mains voltage fluctuations & poor power quality
• Energy losses by internal grids
• Costs due to operation processes shutdown during blackouts.
• Limited development opportunities due to the remoteness of power supply centers.
• The costs of an enterprise are reduce or even an the enterprise can earn on electricity generation
• Improving the reliability of power supply and reducing operating costs
• Improving energy efficiency and observability of the energy complex.
What we do
Complete study of your energy consumption and costs structure and specific suggestions on how to boost your energy efficiency.
Energy assets modelling and analysis
Renewables and energy storage integration, from the feasibility studies to detailed structural and electrical schemes with time and cost estimates.
System design and engineering
We provide installation of equipment and connection to the infrastructure, all necessary on-site works, standards-based assessment of the system.
Turnkey installation
Getting maximum from your energy system based on the analysis of energy price variations, regional and local energy rates, as well as new regulations.
Energy value stream optimisation
Make use of our competence: turnkey solutions and maintenance in power engineering, renewables and e-mobility
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